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The American Passenger Rail Coalition (APRC) is a national association of railroad equipment suppliers and rail businesses working together for the highest quality and safest U.S. intercity rail passenger system. Since its formation in 1994, APRC has gained recognition as the leading business advocate with members of the U.S. Congress, state and local policymakers for the importance of a strong, healthy national Amtrak system. APRC also supports development of high-speed rail in key corridors of the country.

Amtrak, the nation's intercity passenger railroad, is an essential part of the balanced, intermodal transportation system the U.S. is working to achieve. Investments in Amtrak and urban rail transit have spurred the revival of the domestic rail manufacturing and supply industry which employs thousands of U.S. workers. APRC works to ensure that the market for the domestic intercity rail equipment supply industry continues to thrive and grow.


  • Advocate strong funding and government policies to achieve an efficient and healthy national Amtrak system and improved quality and speed of intercity rail passenger service throughout the U.S.
  • Educate members of Congress, other policymakers and the public on the mobility, economic and environmental benefits of the government's investments in Amtrak.
  • Monitor federal and state legislation and activities of the Administration related to the future of Amtrak.
  • Timely Analysis of major rail legislation, budget and appropriations bills to keep member companies well-informed.

APRC Membership Information

APRC membership consists of railroad equipment suppliers, consulting and engineering firms and other rail-related businesses. APRC offers two levels of membership: Board Member and Associate Member.
  • Board Member: Board member companies serve on APRC's Board of Directors, set the policies and direction for the association and take a lead role in APRC-sponsored special events that bring high visibility to their companies. Board member benefits include: high profile on intercity rail passenger issues with the nation's top policymakers; strong representation on intercity rail passenger legislation and issues through APRC's knowledgeable staff in Washington D.C.; timely information through faxes, legislative updates and the association's Inside Track newsletter, legislative consultation support and other benefits.
  • Associate Member: Associate Members enjoy strong representation on intercity rail passenger issues through APRC's Washington D.C. staff; receive timely information on intercity rail passenger issues and developments through faxes, legislative updates and the association's newsletter; visibility with the nation's policymakers and involvement in APRC-sponsored events.
Join APRC in Creating a Better U.S. Intercity Rail Passenger System:
For more information on how to join APRC, contact APRC at: 703-288-7590; fax: 703-288-7490; or e-mail: Harriet Parcells at

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