Fast Facts About Amtrak

  • In FY 2006, Amtrak had a record ridership of 24.3 million riders. Revenues also reached a record level of $1.37 billion, up 11% over FY 2005.
  • Amtrak ticket revenues in January 2007 were the highest ever for that month: $103.7 million, up 10% over January 2006. January ridership was up 5% over January 2006.
  • Amtrak achieved $61.3 million in operating savings in FY 2006; an additional $61 million is projected for FY 2007.
  • More people pass through NYC's Penn Station each year than through all three NYC regional airports combined.
  • In Chicago, 40% of the airline flights travel 300 miles or less-a distance that could be well-served by high-speed trains. In San Francisco, nearly half of the flights are 300 miles or less.
  • If Amtrak didn't exist, 20 additional highway lanes would be needed in midtown Manhattan (NYC) and 10 more tunnel lanes under the Hudson River to make access into and out of Manhattan workable.
  • Amtrak is an essential transportation link for small urban and rural communities across America; for many it is the only affordable and convenient public transportation. Amtrak serves 519 U.S. cities and communities.
  • Amtrak recovers more of its cost of operation than any other passenger railroad in the world.
  • U.S. railroad and equipment supply industry generates approximately $20 billion in annual sales and employs over 150,000 people in states across the country. Amtrak's investments for its daily operations and capital needs contribute to the health of this sector of the U.S. economy.
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Amtrak Top Management

Board of Directors
David Laney, Chairman
DOT Secretary Mary Peters
Floyd Hall
Hunter Biden
Donna McLean

Alexander Kummant

President Bush made recess appointments this summer of Mr. Enrique Sosa and Mr. Floyd Hall to the Amtrak Board of Directors. They have not been confirmed yet by the U.S. Senate. Earlier last year, two other individuals were also nominated to the Amtrak Board: Robert Crandall and Louis Thompson.  Their nominations were approved by the Commerce Committee but they have not been confirmed yet by the Senate.

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Six Myths About Amtrak
(outlined by Amtrak President David Gunn)

MYTH #1: Amtrak can be profitable

MYTH #2: The private sector is dying to take over Amtrak services

  • Remember why Amtrak was formed

MYTH #3: Long-distance trains are the problem

  • Long-distance trains require about $300 million annually to operate, a fraction of the $1.2 billion in federal funds Amtrak needed in FY 03.

MYTH #4: Amtrak is a featherbed for labor

  • Amtrak’s wage rates are reasonable; some work rule issues will be dealt with in negotiations

MYTH #5: The Northeast Corridor is profitable

MYTH #6: There is a quick fix for Amtrak’s problems through reform

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